Welcome!!! ***Important info, please read!!!***

Hello! Welcome to my blog and thank you for taking the time to visit!

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Traveling is a big part of my genetic make-up. I consider it a trait because that is the term that best applies. My maternal grandparents were world travelers, and remained that way until their passings. They would go to places I can only dream about visiting in my life time. They passed that trait onto my mother, aunt, and uncle, and they have all passed the same trait onto their children. It’s a trait my paternal grandparents possessed as well, back in the day (my paternal grandmother was a Delta fight attendant and would do things like fly to Paris, France “just to have lunch”… got to love the 70’s).

But this blog isn’t about me, my family, my child (even though I love her so dearly), other hobbies I have, or anything else. It’s strictly about my travels: where I’ve been, who I’ve been there with, what we’ve done, and where I want to go. It’s about the stories, experiences, emotions, and fears I have experienced while traveling. It’s about all the amazing places I’ve been, the wonderful things I’ve seen (and the crazy, unexplainable things), and tips and tricks. All pictures in this blog are mine, or taken by someone in my family or a friend who was with me on the trip. If I have to get a picture from Google, I will make sure it is known.


P.s. Serious kudos to anyone who understands where my blog name is from ❤️

Edit: Hiii from the future! I’m writing this on March 21st, 2021. I just wanted to say, that while my blog is still of this, I’ve come to view it a bit differently. My number one, main goal: I want to help other travelers out as much as possible. I want my posts to help people make the most informed decisions as possible! I know that I don’t have a big blog, but if I help even just one person, then I call that a win. 🙂

Photos from top to bottom: Sedona, AZ; Cadillac Ranch, TX; Montana state line; Washington National Monument, D.C.; Plymouth Rock, MA; the London Eye, England; the Saint Louis Arch, MO; Copenhagen, Denmark; Goldfield Ghost Town, AZ; Savannah, GA.

A little more taste of the blogs to enjoy!


Sequoia National Park, California.
Mighty Sequoias: Largest Trees in the World.
Shawnee National Forest, Southern Illinois.
The Hidden Treasures of Southern Illinois.
Niagara Falls, New York.
Epic East Coast Road Trip.

12 thoughts on “Welcome!!! ***Important info, please read!!!***

  1. Good idea. In my day we had photography. Your mom has Grandpa’s slides and I have the photo albums – all 40 so far of my life. Sometimes it is good to crawl back to 1929 and then forward through the 89 years (so far). My Dad, whom you never had a chance to meet, started my album when I was born (at home in Bremen, Germany, with the help of a midwife), as it was done in those days.
    Next time you are here, take a look. .

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Shauna

    “Why waste time, say lot word when few word do trick?” The best show. Very clever blog name :).

    I found your Twitter from teen mom accounts and it led me here. Congratulations on starting a blog. I hope it goes well for you and I hope you can go the places you’ve only dreamt of going.

    I am a stay at home mom as well, to a beautiful 1.5 year old boy. I look forward to reading your next post.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Shauna

        Anytime I hear someone mention that show I get so excited. I loved seeing prison Mike as your Twitter picture. There is a line in that show for every occasion. It never gets old. 🙂


  3. Shauna

    I also would like to add I just saw your Norway picture as I scrolled up. Norway is the place on this Earth I would love to travel to more than anywhere, and I’ve even tried convincing my husband to move there. I hope to read about your trip there as well.


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