Helsinki, Finland: “The Pearl of the Baltic Sea”.

While Helsinki and Finland are lovely, with friendly people and charming historical sights, truthfully, it was my least favorite city/country duo that we visited. It was not because of the people, how we were treated, or even Helsinki itself, but compared to London, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Edinburgh, all of Norway, etc..., Helsinki felt just a …

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Ålesund, Norway: Charming and Colorful.

Of all the European countries we visited, Norway was hands down my favorite. It didn’t have grand palaces like Russia, extravagant parliaments like England, or famous historical classics like Germany, but what it did have, that those countries lacked, was extraordinary natural beauty and unparalleled peacefulness. We visited Norway’s 2nd and 12th largest cities, Bergen …

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Dover, England: Home of the White Cliffs.

***Important note: as I researched for this blog to rewrite it, I found that the castle is currently open to the public; however, the underground secret wartime tunnels are temporarily closed due to Covid, and the underground medieval tunnels are currently closed due to “conservation work”. It is best to continuously check the website

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Invergordon, Scotland: The Town of Murals.

One of the most charming towns I’ve visited, Invergordon gives off the vibe that not many unpleasant things happen here. Located off the Port of Invergordon, it’s a quaint, cheerful, colorful little Scottish town with a population of approximately 4,000. However, while small, it’s known world-wide for its vibrant and colorful public murals sprinkled about …

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Norwegian Fjords: Beautiful, Magical, Breathtaking.

Approaching the Seven Sisters. While all of Norway is beautiful, the fjords are breathtaking. It is surreal to be totally encased by enormous mountains in every direction. Waterfalls, vivid greenery, and small fishing huts line the mountainside and small, rocky shorelines, making you feel slingshotted into a Nicholas Sparks novel about a lady from the …

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St. Petersburg, Russia: Palaces and Vodka – Part 2.

Hello! As this is a two-parter, I won't spend a ton of time on an introduction. If you haven't read my first Russian blog, you can find it here: St. Petersburg, Russia; Palaces and Vodka – Part 1. Day 1 was very hectic and jampacked, while Day 2 was more relaxed and less frantic. Both days …

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