Plymouth Rock: The Landing Spot of the Pilgrims (allegedly).

Honestly, Plymouth is delightful! It's (obviously) located in Plymouth, Massachusetts, inside Pilgrim Memorial State Park. Plymouth Rock is definitely the main attraction of the area, and it is located right alongside the beach. It’s in a surprisingly tranquil and scenic location, given the hustle and bustle of the East Coast we had previously experienced, and …

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Grafton, Utah: “The most photographed ghost town in the West”.

The expansive Utahan desert, right outside of Grafton. Tucked down a bumpy, 3-mile partial dirt road, sits a little known and extremely cool ghost town. Located in the southwestern corner of Utah, not a soul lives in this completely deserted place, which is probably very creepy at night (there are ranch homes nearby, but nobody …

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Berlin, Germany: A Quick Trip to the Fatherland.

***Just like in my Helsinki blog (Helsinki, Finland: “The Pearl of the Baltic Sea”.), my fashion sense during this period of my life was horrendous. I'm well aware LOL.*** 🥲 I always wanted to visit Germany, as my mother’s entire side of the family hails from there. I am a 3rd generation American on my …

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Salem, Massachusetts: Welcome to 1692.

By far one of the most iconic towns in the U.S.A., Salem, Massachusetts played a pivotal role in America’s story. Of course, I’m talking about the famous Salem Witch Trials, a dark stain on our history. The witch trials were when mass hysteria took over, leading to very little thought and extremely irrational behavior. Between …

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Savannah, Georgia: Cemeteries and Squares.

I've dreamed of visiting the historic city of Savannah for years. It’s considered by the paranormal community to be a mecca for ghosts and one of the most haunted cities in the U.S., if not the most haunted city. It’s older than the United States itself (records start in 1733), after Georgia was named the …

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West Virginia: The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.

Considered to be a holy grail for ghost hunting in paranormal circles, the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is as haunted as it is historic. We visited this epic beast on the last day of our 2019 East Coast road trip (Epic East Coast Road Trip. - you will find a section about this former insane asylum …

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Helsinki, Finland: “The Pearl of the Baltic Sea”.

While Helsinki and Finland are lovely, with friendly people and charming historical sights, truthfully, it was my least favorite city/country duo that we visited. It was not because of the people, how we were treated, or even Helsinki itself, but compared to London, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Edinburgh, all of Norway, etc..., Helsinki felt just a …

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Ålesund, Norway: Charming and Colorful.

Of all the European countries we visited, Norway was hands down my favorite. It didn’t have grand palaces like Russia, extravagant parliaments like England, or famous historical classics like Germany, but what it did have, that those countries lacked, was extraordinary natural beauty and unparalleled peacefulness. We visited Norway’s 2nd and 12th largest cities, Bergen …

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Dover, England: Home of the White Cliffs.

***Important note: as I researched for this blog to rewrite it, I found that the castle is currently open to the public; however, the underground secret wartime tunnels are temporarily closed due to Covid, and the underground medieval tunnels are currently closed due to “conservation work”. It is best to continuously check the website

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The Historic Edinburgh Vaults (Scotland).

Our guide giving her first history lesson. Hands down one of the best experiences of my life, these underground tunnels are incredibly famous in the paranormal community and a big prize for ghost and history lovers alike. Those familiar with my blog know I am a fan of haunted places (and basically all things supernatural), …

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