Update Regarding European Blogs!

Dover, England.

Hello ✌🏼

As many of my readers know (and for those who do not), I have posted numerous blogs from Europe, and if you’ve read them, you’re aware of my picture issue after my laptop took a dive and I lost hundreds of photos… including ALL from Europe. I didn’t know I would start a travel blog 8 years later, and I only had what I uploaded to my Facebook to work with (rookie mistake – back up your photos!).


Invergordon, Scotland.

My parents are moving and decluttering their home. After going through my brothers former room, who’s been long gone living on the East Coast/Midwest for years, they came across 8 CD’s full of photos from Europe. I couldn’t believe it!

Therefore, I will be revising all of my uploaded European blogs one by one. I happen to believe my writing has improved over the years, as well as my blogging style, and I’d also like to add more information into them. After I re-work them, I will delete the original and upload the new one. If you’ve already read all of those blogs, fret not, for I believe re-reading them will be worth your while, as I will be adding a ton more information and photos.

Norwegian Fjords.
St. Petersburg, Russia.

But alas, sadly… somehow… someway… the photos from London, Salisbury Cathedral, and Bath are still missing ☹️. When (and if) the universe decides to present them to me again, I will write them too (and re-write London).

As for now, I will be rewriting the blogs on Norway, Denmark, Russia, Scotland, Estonia, Germany, Sweden, and Dover, England.

I will also be writing posts on the Norwegian Fjords, Invergordon, Scotland, and Helsinki, Finland as I now have enough pictures, as well as new non-Europe blogs, of course.

Stay tuned, thanks!

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