Vermont: The Green Mountain State. 💚

During my 16-state, 2018 East Coast road trip, the only state that truly blew me away was Vermont 😍. It’d be safe to say that I fan-girled hard over it. It’s so beautiful! It remained “the most beautiful state I’ve visited so far” until Montana and the Idaho panhandle stole the title in 2020. It’s now firmly number 2 on the list. It was named by the French as “Verd Mont”, which literally means “green mountain”, and its official nickname is “The Green Mountain State”. They really hit the nail on the head with this one, let me tell ya.

Beautiful Vermont.

I think much of my hardcore love for Vermont was due to the route we took. We were swept away from the monotony of the interstate, and onto small, 2-line highways that allowed us to really capture what Vermont had to offer. We spent approximately one hour driving through the bottom half of the green mountain state, through small towns that all appeared so cute and charming. We drove though and over the mountains, next to streams and rivers, and were simply swept away by the picturesque landscape.

We drove through the Green Mountains (that’s the official name), along Highway 9, coming from Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls: America’s Most Famous Waterfalls.) and heading to Concord, New Hampshire. The Green Mountains run through Vermont from north to south, between the border of Massachusetts and the border with Quebec, and are definitely appropriately named. Traffic was light in this area, something that was a massive breath of fresh air and very welcomed. The route took us past the small Vermontian towns of Bennington, Woodford, Searsburg, Wilmington, Marlboro, and West Battleboro.

The worst thing happened as we began to edge closer to the border with New Hampshire. The serene, tranquil, green, mountainous landscape of Vermont began to fade away, and we were violently teleported back into the Groundhog Day that is the East Coast – just endless, boring, massive concrete highways and unrelenting traffic and congestion. I was slightly taken aback because I had envisioned New Hampshire being just like Vermont – mountainous, beautiful, less crowded, and with old-timey towns sprinkled about – but it looked much more like upstate New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, or any other overflowing East Coast state. Just mundane, tree-lined, jam packed, flat highway.

Overall, this post is more of a Vermont shout-out, like my post about Montana (Montana: The Most Beautiful State in America.) I feel blessed to have visited this state and to drive through it from western to eastern border. I firmly believe that the absolute best way to experience any state is by car, even if you’re just driving through it. Vermont was no exception. Sadly, as a state, it’s typically forgotten about by many Americans, and many people don’t usually plan their entire vacation here. Thankfully Bernie Sanders put Vermont on the map for many people. It’s a shame, because this state is breathtakingly beautiful and has so much to offer. When I do finally head back to the East Coast, I fully plan on spending at least 3 to 4 days in Vermont alone! ⛰💚

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